Trieu Khang Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. has over 8 years of experience operating in the field:

1- Installation - Maintenance of Medical Building System.

2. Importing and supplying Medical / Scientific and Technical Equipment.

3- Consulting on designing and constructing hospital projects.

4- Receive technical services, for medical, civil & industrial projects.

5- Manufacture of medical equipment and works: Scales, stainless steel cabinets, Lavabo sterilized hand wash for operating rooms, supply and construction of lead for X-ray rooms, CT Scanner, clean room systems medical and pharmaceutical sectors.

We are a partner of many famous medical equipment manufacturers in the world such as: Allied, C&U, Saniswiss, Infinium, Omron, ...

Currently, due to the need to expand production and business, we need to recruit more staff for the positions of Sales Staff, Business Support Staff, Technical Worker, ... interested and qualified candidates. aspiring to develop your career in this promising and challenging field, feel free to contact us, we look forward to working with you.


Number of recruitment: 6

Working place: Tp. Ho Chi Minh

Salary: 5-7 million (Basic salary) + Effective salary, NV can reach salary from 15 - 20 million per month

Job description:

Finding new customers, building relationships with potential customers;

Maintain and develop relationships with existing customers;

Contact and find out customers' needs directly, via email or phone.

Introduce, advise and persuade customers to use the product. Negotiate with customers on product prices and terms of payment, delivery ... based on the company's sales policy

Receive purchase order. Coordinate with Sales admin to monitor order fulfillment, delivery procedures, together with customers to check the quality of delivered products;

Make business plans, goals and complete the set plans

Combine with sales admin to support customers, resolve customer questions and complaints

Participate in exhibitions and marketing campaigns of the company

Perform reporting regime and other jobs at the request of the Director;

Job requirements:

College or university graduate majors: Economics, Business Administration, Marketing, Electronics, Biomedical Engineering ....;

Honesty, enthusiasm, confidence, agility in handling situations, good communication; Ability to work independently and in groups;

Under pressure, good health; Ready to work outside the province.


Number of recruits: 02

Working place: Tp. Ho Chi Minh.

Salary: Negotiated by time or by job

Job description:

Processing copper materials, white steel pipes, colored steel and stainless steel;

Construction and installation of medical, civil and industrial systems.

Repairing, replacing all kinds of medical equipment components, accessories ...

Guide and advise customers to use to ensure maximum satisfaction and peace of mind of customers when using.

Responsible for answering all questions, requests and feedback of customers before and after installing the machine.

Job requirements:

Intermediate graduate or higher in majors: Electricity, refrigeration, mechanics, metal cutting;

Can be welded: electricity, tig, mig / mag, rock wind .... ;

Know how to draw autocad, 2D, 3D

Read basic pipeline construction drawings;

Candidates with experience in machining stainless steel and copper materials; experience in the gas pipeline

In good health, withstand the pressure of completing progress, ready to go to work, install at works;

Honesty, hard work, enthusiasm, agility.


Quantity: 2

Working place: Tp. HCM City

Salary: Negotiable

Description of accounting work:

Make purchase contract, sale contract, quote (if any)


Tax reports, reports on the use of invoices

Synthesize, track input + output debt

Performing work related to banks (International payment, domestic payment, guarantee, bank guarantee)

Track import-export-inventory

Timekeeping staff office + factory block

Track, report, increase and decrease social insurance profiles

Accounting accounting vouchers

Fully, accurately and promptly update the Revenue - Expenditures - Put cash into the Fund Book - report as needed to the Board of Directors, KTT.

Job requirements:

College or university graduate majors: Accounting, auditing

Honesty, hard work, carefulness;

Under pressure, good health;

Experience 1 - 2 years

4.Sales Admind (Sales Admind)

Number of recruitment: 01

Industry: Medical equipment

Working place: Tp. Ho Chi Minh

Type of work: Full-time fixed

Salary: Negotiable

Job description:

Receive and manage customer information or orders via fax, email or phone

Track and urge the order fulfillment process, delivery procedures, and check the quality of delivered products with customers;

Acceptance, liquidate contracts, issue invoices to customers at the end of the contract.

Coordinate with the sales department to purchase bidding documents, prepare bidding documents and submit bids.

Prepare work reports for each individual, business department
Track sales and make weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual reports for department heads.

Customer care after sales. Receive and handle customer complaints about product quality, delivery time ... propose to higher levels to improve service quality;
Track warranty and equipment maintenance.
Coordinate with the accounting department to compare the debts and recover the debts of the company.
Perform other jobs as assigned by the department head.

Work details will be discussed in the interview

Job requirements:

College graduate or above majoring in Economics, Business Administration, Marketing, Electronics, Biomedical Engineering ....;

Have at least 01 year of work experience in an equivalent position;

Honesty, enthusiasm, meticulousness, confidence, good communication, agility in handling situations,

Document management and work arrangements

Have skills to synthesize and analyze data.

Ability to work independently and in groups;

Under pressure, good health; Ready to work

Proficient in MS office and using well Internet tools to find information effectively;

Ability to read English documents (Priority for candidates with ability to communicate in English).